axel eden
selected works



Let a hundred sexes bloom!

The Xenofeminist Manifesto: A Politics for Alienation, Laboria Cuboniks, 2018
Like many others who share similar identities, the way I move through this world defies boundaries and confounds binaries. From being assigned female at birth to changing my gender marker to male, and from being born a Singaporean to becoming an immigrant American, I want to challenge the concept of identity as a discrete category and embrace the shifting, hybrid nature of lived experience.

Charting the movement of bodies and identities across borders and boundaries, Transmigration moves beyond essentialism to embrace hybridity as a metaphor for understanding contemporary identities and how they are defined and deconstructed.


Transmigration is my BFA thesis. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, all thesis shows were cancelled.

The photographs in the slideshow above are selected images from the project.

Each print measures 36” on the long side and is available for purchase.

Transmigration thesis show poster (2020)


You’re in America Now (2019)
Axel is an immigrant photographer and artist born and raised in Singapore, who now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Their work focuses on the concept of hybridity—not simply as a visual strategy, but as a way of making meaning in a world where a multiplicity of identities overlap.

Drawing largely from personal experience, Axel is specifically interested in how transgender identity, immigration and disability can impact one’s ways of thinking, feeling and perceiving.

Shamans are always stronger in the shadows
Dead Cells, 2017